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​From the picture book "Diorama-kun" P4

Includes a paper craft kit that allows you to make the yellow train that appears in the attached picture book!


A paper craft kit is included to make the yellow train from the picture book!


(sold separately)Chibi convex set Inaka town freight trainChibi convex engine included inCar (10-504-1) orPower unit for biconvex(11-109)will be given.

​A separate power pack (controller) is required when running.


Can be run with the optional POCKET LINE ELECTRIC FREIGHT TRAIN PACK (10-504-1) or the POWERED CHASSIS POCKET LINE LOCO (11-109).
The KATO SX CONTROLLER (22-108) is required to run the vehicle.

The materials included in the Diorama-kun mini diorama kit are large enough to be used for making other works!!

The materials in the kit are generously sized for use in making other artworks!


The glue is ``Speedbond'' (25ml) from the major British brand Deluxe Materials, and the paint is watercolor paint (5ml each of three colors) from the prestigious art supplies brand Holbein.




Paper crafts can be made by rolling out a thin layer of ``Speed Bond'', but it is even easier and more beautiful to use ``Rocket Card Glue'' (sold separately). After all, ``Rocket Card Glue'' is a glue developed for paper crafts.

Paper crafts can also be made by spreading a thin layer of 'Speed Bond', but they are much easier to make using 'Rocket Card Glue', which is sold separately. After all, Rocket Card Glue is a glue developed specifically for paper crafts .

The glue used in the kit is Deluxe Materials 'Speed Bond' (25 ml) and the paints are watercolors (5 ml each of three colors) from Holbein, a renowned global brand of painting materials.


24-027 Rocket Card Glue​¥1,375

​It comes with an ultra-fine nozzle, so you can apply a small amount of glue to small areas to reduce stick-out.

The ultra-fine nozzle allows small amounts of glue to be applied to small areas, reducing overflow.

​​The secret to creating a picture just by displaying it.

Just displaying it makes it picturesque.


The base is made of multiple layers of laser cut MDF. All you have to do is apply the glue and stack them, so no tools such as nails are required. The design has been carefully designed to make use of the slope piers in the appendix by increasing the height.

The base of this diorama is made from layers of laser-cut MDF. They are simply glued together and stacked, so no nails or other tools are required. The thickness of this particular design allows the sloping of the piers in the appendix to be utilised .


The seemingly complicated cutting parts come together to create a puzzle-like feeling.

The sensation of seemingly complex cutting parts coming together is puzzle-like.

​If you make a lot and connect them together, you can run a long model train.

If you make a lot of them and connect them together, you can even run long train sets.


Diorama-kun mini diorama kit uses KATO's Unitrack track. Unitrack There are ``unijoiners'' at both ends of the track that make it easy to connect and disconnect tracks.

"Unijoiner" is a mechanism that allows you to easily connect and disconnect tracks without the need for special tools. Let's run a long train by connecting many small landscapes.


The DIORAMA-KUN uses KATO's UNITRACK, with UNIJOINERs at both ends of the UNITRACK tracks to facilitate the connection and disconnection of the tracks.
UNIJOINER is a system that allows you to easily connect and disconnect tracks without the need for special tools. Try running a long train by connecting lots of different small landscapes.
(Due to the small radius curves of the mini diorama base, it is not recommended for the operation of normal-sized N-gauge model trains. Please note that.)

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