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The mini diorama circus is coming again in 2023!


​He has already started making this year's works.

I can also hear happy voices.

The number of works that we participate in increases year by year,

Colorful when connected at the venue

Truly a circus!!

We look forward to seeing your exciting works💖


The diorama production participating in the KATO mini diorama circus isKATO Diorama-kun Mini Diorama Kit'', ``KATO Mini Diorama Base Straight Line S124'', ``KATO Mini Diorama Base Curved Line R183'', or ``Mini Diorama Plus''.

These diorama bases aremini dioraMacircus registered model storeYou can purchase from ``.

​ Also, starting this year, you can also participate in making your own bass. Please produce according to the mini diorama circus standards below.

Base and track setThe simple inputgate kit. For sceneryOrama materials are purchased separately.Please ask.

KATO mini diorama base straight track S124


2 8 - 8 8 8 Mini diorama baseStraight track S124 ¥ 1, 5 4 0 (tax included)

KATO mini diorama base curved track R183


2 8 - 8 8 9 Mini diorama base curveTrack R1 8 3 ¥ 1 , 5 4 0 (tax included)

KATO mini diorama plus


2 8 - 8 9 3 Mini diorama plus ¥ 2, 9 7 0 (tax included)

Mini diorama circus standard

  • All works exhibited at Mini Diorama Circus must be produced in accordance with these standards.
    *KATO's "Diorama-kun", "Mini Diorama Base Curved Track R183", "Mini Diorama Base Straight Track S124", and "Mini Diorama Plus" comply with the following Mini Diorama Circus standards.


  • All tracks use KATO Unitrack tracks. *Please do not use anything else.

  • The work must be completely enclosed in a clear transport case. (If it does not fit, we will not be able to transport it to the venue)
    Clear case for transportation internal dimensions: depth 78mm x width 162mm x height 90mm
    *The top surface of the clear case is narrow with internal dimensions: depth 73mm x width 157mm.


  • Base size (If you are making your own base, please refer to the following)

  • The base is placed inside a clear case for transportation, and the bottom 5mm of the base is

​  Please create a structure that allows the clear case to be placed as shown in the diagram on the right.

  • base creation

​ straight line curve


  • *In a straight line, it will fit right sideways up to the straight track S124 (be sure to include the unijoiner part), but it will not fit in the clear transport case unless it is inserted diagonally up to 155mm.
    *The location of the track can be anywhere as long as the above requirements are met.
    *Please use R183-45° for curved lines. (Be sure to include a unijoiner) Do not use any other tracks.
    *The location of the track can be anywhere as long as the above requirements are met.

  • Please use unijoiners for the track connections so that you can connect the mini dioramas together.


  • Keep the tracks level. (Do not add up or down slopes)

  • Ensure that the rail is strong enough to withstand connecting and disconnecting from adjacent mini dioramas.Sai.
    *We recommend making the base from plywood or MDF and securing the rails with screws or nails.

  • If you want to use illumination, please use LED. The power source is a 9V battery, and the connector battery must be included with the work. It cannot be shipped while connected. Also, power supply from railway lines is prohibited.



At the railway model contest venue, the dioramas you have created will be connected together and an N scale train will run on top of them.


Please be careful not to create a design that will interfere with the operation of N scale vehicles.


Make sure that objects on the side of the tracks do not hit your vehicle.

Make sure that there is no paint on the tracks that could impede the conduction of electricity, or diorama materials such as grass or trees.

downloadClearance mark for ​


Download the PDF and print it at full size. Cut out along the outer periphery of the illustration, and check the "construction limit" of the mini diorama while looking at the instructions on the left. "Architectural limit" refers to the space = clearance required for a model railroad to run. When you're working hard on a diorama, you end up building it close to the railroad tracks, but if you get too close, you'll end up colliding with the model railroad. Please use this mark to check to avoid this.

(The "How to Enjoy the KATO Mini Diorama Circus" distributed at registered model stores also has a clearance mark.)


The works will be transported to the venue of the railway model contest by a registered model shop. When transporting your work, we will cover it with a plastic case to protect it, so please make sure your work fits within the size of the plastic case.


Terms of participation

  • Please create your work using KATO's "Diorama-kun", "Mini Diorama Base Straight Track S124", "Mini Diorama Base Curved Track R183", "Mini Diorama Plus" or a base that complies with the Mini Diorama Circus standards.

  • Please write your name or handle on the name sticker you will receive when applying so that the creator can be identified on the bottom of the mini diorama work you are exhibiting.

  • The train model contest organizer and mini diorama contest co-sponsor are not responsible for any damage or damage that may occur during the period.

  • The train model contest organizer and mini diorama contest co-sponsor are not responsible for any damage or damage that may occur during the transportation of diorama works.

  • The organizer retains the right to use this contest in paper media such as television, videos, magazines, videos, photographs, and all matters incidental thereto, and may be used for secondary purposes.

  • Please be sure to bring your exhibitor ID when entering the National Railway Model Contest.
    If you fail to present it on the day or lose it, you will be required to pay the admission fee before entering.

  • Depending on the situation regarding the new coronavirus infection, there may be restrictions on the days and times you can enter the venue.

  • Please comply with the standards for mini dioramas.

  • On the day of the railway model contest, no craft work is allowed inside the venue.

  • Works that infringe on the rights of others, works that contain pornography or sexual content, acts of violence against individuals or groups based on race, ethnicity, disability, gender, religion, age, nationality, sexual preference, or gender identity. It is not possible to exhibit works that include content that promotes or condones discrimination, or works that are contrary to public order and morals or social common sense.

Waiting for passage.jpg

diorama arrangement

Lots of hints!


diorama arrangement

Lots of hints!

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