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Tell me, STEAM teacher!!

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Let the
STEAM teacher teach you!


Ask your STEAM teacher to tell you what you want to know about STEAM education. It is full of knowledge that is useful in school education and everyday life.



STEAMWhat is that?


At elementary school
STEAMI've never learned anything like that...


It is a combination of the first letters of five words: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. . These five are also the names of fields of learning.



When it comes to studying in elementary school, science and science (S: science) are almost the same. Mathematics (M: Mathematics) is beyond arithmetic. Art (A) and technology (T) are related to drawings and crafts. Also, engineering (E: engineering) means learning about how to make things by applying what you have learned in science etc.


Why are the five fields of learning grouped together as “STEAM”?





It's because there is a connection. For example, you can apply what you know from mathematics (M: mathematics) to technology (T: technology), or learn science (S: science) to achieve what you want to achieve through engineering (E: engineering). Also, the sense and inspiration of art (A: art) can be applied to other fields.




STEAMWhat happens when you learn?



It will be very useful for your future life! Especially after growing up, work often involves things like ``connecting things here and there'' and ``using various strengths to take on challenges.'' STEAM is a tool that will help you accomplish these things successfully.





What is STEAM education?

They are the first letters of five words: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. These five are also the names of fields of study.

My primary school does not provide STEAM education.

In terms of primary school studies, Science and Science (S) are almost identical. Mathematics (M) is beyond arithmetic in primary education. Art (A) and Technology (T) are the equivalent of arts and crafts. Engineering (E) means learning about how things are made, using what has been learned in science and other subjects.

Why are the five areas collectively referred to as 'STEAM'?

It's because there are connections. For example, you can use what you know in Mathematics (M) for Technology (T), or learn Science (S) for what you want to achieve in Engineering (E). A) and inspiration can be used in other fields.

What can I gain from learning about STEAM education?

It's going to help you a lot in your future life!

Especially as an adult, you will often be asked to do complex tasks that involve many different elements and challenge you in many different capacities, and STEAM education can be a tool to help you do this successfully at all times.

Why do we need art?

Why do you need art?

STEAMWhen it was first proposed in the United States, “A(ART)“There is no
STEMIt was called.

However, as something that integrates, organizes, and expands scientific and mathematical thinking (left hemisphere),

The importance of artistic thinking (right brain) was discovered.

KATO is not only about the science culture of railways.

We are also creating products with an artistic mindset called dioramas.

Defining art is a difficult problem, but it can be shared with anyone.

Not just “beautiful,” “realistic,” and “skilled,”

I can believe in a world that only I can feel,

express it as reality.

Assuming it is art,

The diorama you create is truly art.

Nico Nico STEAM teacher.gif

When STEAM was first proposed in the USA, it did not have an "A" (ART) and was called It was called STEM.


However, as a way of integrating, organizing and extending scientific and mathematical thinking (left brain) The importance of artistic thinking (right brain) was discovered.


KATO is not only concerned with railways, which are the crystallization of science and industry, but also with dioramas, a product based on artistic thinking.


Defining art is a difficult question, but one that everyone can share.

It is not only 'beautiful', 'realistic' or 'good'.

It is about believing in a world that only you can feel and express it as reality.


If this is art, then

The dioramas you create are indeed 'art'.

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