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KATO MINI DIORAMA CIRCUS is an event where small dioramas are built using KATO's MINI DIORAMA BASE and enjoyed by connecting the dioramas together at the venue. The event, which started in Japan, has already attracted more than 800 pieces, with N-gauge model trains running on the dioramas. Usually, the most enjoyable part of a diorama is making it, and the next opportunity to present it is even more exciting, but at the KATO MINI DIORAMA CIRCUS, the MINI DIORAMA BASE with KATO's UNITRACK takes it even further, allowing people who don't know each other to "snap" at each other's dioramas. Even dioramas made by people who don't know each other can be connected with a "snap".


First step: buy a KATO mini diorama base.

There are two types of MINI DIORAMA BASE.


​download : 

points to remember ;
・Make sure it does not protrude from the base!
​・Design the railways to be able to pass through!

If you live in the UK, click here.

If you live in the US, click here.

Second step: Once you have created your work, upload your work information to the dedicated app.

You can also register from a computer.

Third step: The highlight of the mini diorama is the CIRCUS!!

Fourth step : The MINI DIORAMA CIRCUS  is  an  event  where mini dioramas made by  everyone are​ connected  together  to  run  model  trains.

and,We will put and attach individual QR Code to individual works respectively so that audience presenting the show can see its detail from his/her SmartPhone. 

If you can come to York, please bring your mini-diorama to the KATO stand.


Is your model railway club interested in MINI DIORAMA CIRCUS?

Why not join a model railway club or a club active in your neighbourhood and do a MINI DIORAMA CIRCUS?

Mini dioramas are a very good tool for beginners in diorama making. It attracts a playful and entertaining collection of works that can be enjoyed by people who have never touched a model railway before.

If you want to do a MINI DIORAMA CIRCUS at your model railway club, please contact us at the show and KATO will help you as much as possible.

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